Delta Gamma

Honor Board

The Delta Gamma Constitution, Article II states: The objects of the Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility, and to develop in them the best qualities of character. 

When initiated into our fraternity, the members of Delta Gamma must respect the objects of the fraternity both individually and as a chapter. Our sisterhood is a source of integrity and strength. Because of the challenging nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, our sisterhood has never been more important. Collectively, we hold the power to positively impact the Lafayette campus culture to be a more socially responsible environment. Honor Board is an integral tool that our chapter utilizes in difficult times. Ultimately, Honor Board helps our chapter of Epsilon Xi act responsibly for the greater morale of the Lafayette Campus and motivate collective excellence as a sisterhood. 

Honor Board serves as a critical aspect to the functioning of our sisterhood. Honor Board is held and conducted weekly by Vice President Social Standards, Anya Elder and its four attending members. The four assisting Honor Board members include sophomores, Chloe Adams, as well as juniors, Willa Goodman, Lucy Neely, and President, Kathryn Ward. Vice President Social Standards and the President serve as the liaison between Honor Board, CMT, and Delta Gamma’s Executive Offices. Importantly, Honor Board is instrumental in maintaining chapter morale and upholding social awareness amongst members. Honor Board meets weekly to discuss chapter trends and anything that seems alarming or that needs to be addressed amongst our chapter. This is incredibly important amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, helping young women navigate life’s challenges, Honor Board is an important source of support for our sisters during difficult times. Our goal as an Honor Board is to hold sisters accountable, and address issues before they become an issue for our chapter as a whole and the greater Lafayette community. 

The spread of the novel COVID-19 virus has triggered a national health crisis, which constitutes significant public problems for the members of Lafayette College to address. Delta Gamma’s Epsilon Xi Chapter is a women's fraternity that participates in the greater culture of greek life at Lafayette College. Recognizing this, the COVID-19 virus has placed the Honor Board of Delta Gamma’s Epsilon Xi Chapter in a position of great responsibility. Honor Board has spent many hours reflecting on how this particular chapter of Delta Gamma can be an organization that places a positive influence on the Lafayette campus. Delta Gamma’s overarching goal for the Spring semester of 2021 is to create a greater culture of social responsibility and to emphasize our values system that prioritizes the health and safety of our sisters as well as the Lafayette and greater Easton community. We hope to be a point of support for Lafayette’s administration and student body.